New Year’s Eve Bags Made In Spain

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, New Year’s Eve bags are the perfect complement to finish off your outfit.

Many of you will already have your outfit ready, LBD dresses, brilli- brilli, velvet… there are many trends this season.

All these outfits combined with high heels and a great variety of styles make an almost perfect look. But the most notable accessory on New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the bags that accompany the outfits.

New Year’s Eve Bags 

We propose a selection of bags for New Year’s Eve to mark the best style in the New Year’s Eve. In addition, these bags are Made In Spain, made in the best qualities and natural leather.

Metallic and Feathered

The ZENY model is made of cowhide and natural feathers. If you are one of those who take risks, this model can be combined with a skirt, shirt and blazers.

bolso zeny plumas piel acero

bolso zeny plumas piel lila


Animal Print

If you’ve decided on a monochrome look, a black dress, you can add a touch of colour and style with one of the animal print bags that bring colour and shine to your outfit.

bolso aleaspero neva serpiente piel oro

bolso alena leopardo piel blanco

Alea Spero is a Spanish brand that manufactures its products in Spain, you can check all our models here.

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