New Box Collection

Akiko Negro

Spring is coming and how could it be otherwise, in Alea Spero we launch the new SS20 collection, Box.

Box has the ability to raise a normal look to lookazo, will give life to all your outfit, an elegant touch for those styles of jeans, men’s shirts, skirts, trousers and even dresses.

For this new SS20 collection, we have opted for the square shape, since these types of volumes make the bags have a lot of capacity without being too bulky. The laminated interior is almost a hallmark of the brand, it gives a great luminosity to the heart of the piece.

We continue betting on slow fashion, moving away from the fashion canons established by multinationals and their fast fashion, products to use and throw away.

We believe that the idea of ​​circular fashion is possible and for this we must make timeless products that last in time and with premium quality, so that they become pieces that do not expire.

Akina Black

If you are tired all the same, these are your bags, Alea Spero is your brand.

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